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MXR M-108 Ten Band Graphic EQ Guitar Pedal Review

by admin on May 23, 2012

I have been looking for an EQ Pedal and after considering the options I decided to buy the Mxr M-108 Ten Band Graphic Eq MXR M 108 Ten Band Graphic EQ Guitar Pedal Review.  The reason for was not only because it is a highly regarded pedal, but because it has the flexibility of 10 frequency bands. Many other pedals have only 6 bands but I liked the idea of having the extra four bands to really fine tune my tone.  To this date getting this pedal was a good decision and a recommended weapon to add to your effects arsenal.

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As the name suggests the pedal offers ten frequency bands to shape and customise your sound. It offers control over the ten most common guitar frequency bands, and means you’ll have much more command of your tone then just using your amplifier’s and guitar’s built EQ. The amount of tone tweaking is up to you and can range from the subtle to the extreme.

I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with unusual tone combinations (trebly quacks to super heavy bass). However, the selling point for me was the ability to make subtle but noticeable adjustments to lighten the darkness of humbuckers or increase the warmth of single coil pickups. These refinements are particularly useful if you switch styles of music throughout a set.
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For example, I recently played  a gig where Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ was   followed by James Brown’s  ‘I feel good’. Normally, I would have brought two guitars for this: A humbucking guitar for ‘Sandman’ and a Strat for ‘I Feel Good’.  However, I found that I could get a funky clean Strat sound out of the humbucking guitar by just using this pedal. This saved me from lugging around another guitar for this gig.

The EQ also benefits distorted sounds to great effect and it’s up to your imagination to how far you want to go. One other feature that this pedal has the advantage over others is the gain slider. This can add more drive to your distorted sound and works well if you require more saturation in a solo or rhythm riff.

The pedal comes with a 18v power supply which allows a lot of head room. However you can to run this off a 9v supply with reduced headroom and dimmer LED indicators. I found it hard to notice difference to the pedal’s sound. The pedal is also housed in one of the most rugged cases I’ve seen and appears to be indestructible.

The Mxr M-108 Ten Band Graphic Eq MXR M 108 Ten Band Graphic EQ Guitar Pedal Review has been a welcome addition to my pedal board, and suitable for all style of music.

Lastly, if you need dual outputs MXR offer Kerry King Signature EQ which is basically identical to this pedal except with 2 outputs.

Summary or why you need this pedal:

  • Incredible versatile
  • Suitable for players who are conscious about there tone
  • Ability to make subtle or drastic changes to you clean or dirty sound.
  • Plenty of head room
  • Solid as a rock

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